Could you benefit from outsourcing your company’s key finance areas and cost centers to professionals who can help you grow your business?

Executive Financial Management Inc. offers accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, and management consulting services starting at $200.00 per month—fixed and guaranteed. Executive Financial Management (EFM) serves as your virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a business solution that is flexible, scalable, and will substantially reduce operational costs and human resource issues.

Outsourcing or partnering is now becoming the prudent business move by most Chief Executive Officers and business owners. In fact, 83 per cent of the fastest growing companies in the United States are outsourcing internal cost centers.

After all, working hard and long hours does not mean that your business will be profitable. But now you can have a team of professionals who will share their strong entrepreneurial spirit, in-depth business expertise, and a powerful commitment to service, all for a fixed monthly fee – guaranteed!
Here’s the bottom line: with EFM on your management team, you’ll reclaim valuable time and resources so you can properly manage and grow your business . . . at a fixed monthly rate, guaranteed.

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