Team Approach

As a business owner, no doubt your primary focus is on finding new customers or clients, and running your business in order to grow it smartly and profitably. However, many business owners discover that as their companies grow, so do their commitments to their clients and customers . . . as well as operational inefficiencies that could cause them to fall short on those commitments.

The team approach at Executive Financial Management substantially reduces and in most cases eliminates these inefficiencies completely by handling all financial aspects of your operation—billing, accounts payable, bookkeeping, payroll, business accounting, and financial management. In short, our team of financial experts becomes your outsourced finance department.

Executive Financial Management (EFM) manages the operations of approximately 100 businesses across a spectrum of industries and fields, including many like yours. The business objective of each company that EFM manages is clearly outlined and is part of a well-defined infrastructure that we have perfected for over 20 years.

A professional financial team that works with you at every phase of your business' life cycle

Having a professional team behind you is very critical during the decision-making process of legally forming a business entity as well as during its initial start-up phase. Once established, your EFM team will manage every financial aspect of operations allowing you to focus on growing your business. We'll work with you on a long-term business plan, and work with your employees and management to ensure that all your financial systems are running smoothly, all data is input correctly, and that your tax reporting and preparation is handled efficiently.

Finally, when the time is right, EFM will create a well defined and executed exit strategy or dissolution of the business. This ensures that all benefits to the owners are realized and protected, and minimizes any repercussions after the business is sold or dissolved. Throughout our working relationship, you'll see that our number one concern is for the profitability of your company.

The benefits of our team approach to our virtual CFO services are many, with positive results you'll see quarter to quarter, fiscal year to fiscal year. The cost of "business as usual" is one that is simply too high to continue paying when you can have an EFM team handling all your accounting and bookkeeping instead. EFM delivers:

Efficient Process

  • One account manager, one full-charge bookkeeper, and one payroll specialist are assigned to your account. The account manager is usually a certified public accountant or profession with similar experience and education.
  • Start-up is fast and the transition from either your current accounting system or accountant into the EFM accounting infrastructure is seamless and quick.
  • There is a large economy of scale since EFM handles many clients in similar industries. Our experience and our system's streamlined automation make our procedures highly efficient and minimize human error.

Professional, Flexible Team

  • EFM's experienced professionals possess a broad skill set and a staff that is already knowledgeable in your industry and type of business.
  • Therefore you'll experience a minimal learning curve with quicker results.
  • You can always trust and rely on your EFM team of professionals.
  • There is great flexibility and scalability in our team; this allows us to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our clients.

Enhanced Management Reporting & Planning

  • Timely financial reporting to the owners or management by a specific day of each month.
  • Professional analysis of financial data with EFM comments to business owners.
  • Cash flow projections and break-even analysis.
  • Budget vs. Actual Analysis to help you monitor your bottom line.
  • Updated business plans accelerate the process of size expansion and reduction.
  • Exit strategies for your business.

Minimize Human Resource Issues

  • Continuity of work flow with dedicated EFM team.
  • Off-site team means your management can:
    • Reduce its dependency on key employees.
    • Reduce office space requirements.
    • Eliminate paying for employee downtime including vacation and sick time; lunch, coffee, social, and or smoking breaks.

Minimize Tax Issues

  • EFM guarantees all the work so you will avoid issues with federal and state regulatory agencies.
  • Never miss a payroll tax deadline or tax filing deadline.
  • Seamless integration of payroll, bookkeeping, and tax preparation.
  • Streamlined, 24/7 access to the latest tax laws and accounting policies through your online dashboard.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • EFM outsourcing is a fraction of your existing payroll costs with greater operational and financial efficiencies.
    • Save money on year-end audit fees.
    • Reduce payroll, payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, and business insurance.
    • Reduce employee benefits and related administrative cost on health insurance and employer matching contributions for retirement plans.

Save Time, Save Money

  • Eliminate the need for constantly updating and keeping current with accounting software.
  • Reduce or eliminate time to hire, train, and educate employees.
  • EFM allows client management to focus on primary business objectives and core competencies.

With your newfound valuable time you can properly grow and manage your own company and focus on developing new business relationships. EFM will handle the rest at a more cost-effective fixed monthly rate—guaranteed.