Our Services

Outsourced CFO services from Executive Financial Management add business savvy, professional perspective, and credibility to your company, enabling you to focus on managing and marketing your business while we focus on your financial operations. The information we provide throughout our working relationship will form the basis of many important business decisions and course corrections you make along the way.


The only way to know the true fiscal health of your business is through accurate and timely financial reporting. Executive Financial Management has created many internal financial reports customized to each client's needs over the past 20 years, reports we will apply or customize further to meet your unique objectives. Our accountants will measure your company's past operations and work closely with owners and management to forecast the results of future operations. You will always have access to current, accurate and meaningful financial information.


Too often, inexperienced or improperly trained employees try to use off-the-shelf accounting software programs to perform routine bookkeeping operations such as general ledger maintenance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliations, and cash management reporting. However, these critical tasks must be performed by individuals who are proficient in their level of knowledge in these subject areas, skilled in the use of the proper application software, attentive and motivated while doing their tasks, and responsible in making certain that these tasks are done accurately and on time.

To meet these high standards, Executive Financial Management (EFM) has created a proprietary accounting system that has its own built-in system of internal controls. Unlike many fragmented bookkeeping systems that are mismanaged and poorly controlled, EFM uses leading-edge accounting software with audit controls in place to ensure integrity of data input.


All levels of business, sales, payroll, and individual tax consultation and preparation are addressed. It is important to note that since EFM handles all the internal financial matters, tax preparation is seamless to the client. There are never any shocking surprises, stress, or last-minute decision-making.


As part of our full-scale financial management package, EFM's seamless payroll services integrate all payroll information automatically into our accounting system. Each pay period, your employees are paid electronically via direct deposit, all payroll taxes are settled through direct debit, and tax returns are automatically filed when due. Year-end processing including W-2 forms is effortless.

With EFM's payroll solutions our clients never have to get involved with any payroll representative or handle any more paper reports ever!

Management Consulting

Outside of our accounting, tax, payroll, and bookkeeping services, EFM provides many additional value-added services to our clients:

  • Incorporation and dissolutions.
  • Offers & compromise.
  • Tax installment plans for federal and state agencies.
  • Financial aid assistance.
  • Mortgage application assistance.
  • Business acquisition/sale negotiations.
  • Asset purchase/lease/sale decisions.
  • Management letter comments regarding financial statements.
  • Personal financial statements.

QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Money

At EFM we understand that some clients use various off-the-shelf products to perform accounting functions, typically for invoicing and disbursing checks. After all, we all take great pride in doing things ourselves. But when it comes to using these software programs, buyers beware.

For one thing, we rarely use the actual data given to us by any of these software products as a final version for financial statements or the supporting backup for tax returns. Instead, we usually need to thoroughly review and clean up these data in order to accurately reflect the information necessary to prepare a legal set of books which will be in compliance with federal and state requirements.

As an EFM client you'll no longer have to continue using these programs and performing those tasks; it simply is not efficient for your business since EFM will handle all of it for you. However, if you like to "do it yourself" we have experts who specialize in all the popular programs and who can give you guidance and direction. Even better, we can actually integrate whatever products you are using into our accounting system. We assist many clients in simplifying their daily accounting needs while allowing seamless integration into our system.

Investment Advisory and Insurance Services

For many years, certified public accountants were precluded from selling investments and insurance because of independence issues. Today this is no longer the case and CPAs can now sell and give advice on investment and insurance services.

EFM has taken the position that we are a firm that specializes in virtual CFO services; we leave the investment advisory and insurance services to those consultants who specialize in those areas. We are happy to refer you to our trusted resources who can guide you in investments and insurance, upon your request.